Have you ever wanted to take to the skies? YBW Springbank Airport is one of the best places to begin a career or hobby in aviation.

YBW Springbank Airport, or, "the Gateway to the Rockies", is not only one of the most beautiful places in the world, but a critical hub for building the future of general aviation - from pilots to aircraft technicians to air traffic controllers. 

With three fixed-wing flight schools as well as two rotary (helicopter) training centres, YBW is where dreams are launched. 

"Calgary is a city of over a million people. There's going to be people who will want to learn to fly, who will want a career in aviation, and the place to do it is at Springbank Airport," says Greg Davis, a YBW-trained WestJet pilot. 

YBW's flight training centres provide people with the opportunity to learn at their own speed in a tight-knit community of aviators and aviation lovers.

Are you interested in beginning the flight of your life? Get started today with an introductory flight at one of our flight training centres:

Airport Identifier



51.1053° N, 114.3714° W


3937 ASL

  • 17/35 – 5000 x 98 (asphalt)
  • 08/26 – 3423 x 100 (asphalt)
Aircraft Restrictions
  • Jet aircraft must be chapter 3 compliant
  • Jet aircraft arrivals are permitted 24 hours/day and are subject to landing fees
  • NEW – July 13, 2015: Jet aircraft departures are permitted 24 hours/day
  • Airport pavement is rated PLR 4 restricting aircraft to a maximum of 40,000 lbs GTOW
  • Aircraft are limited to a maximum wing span of 79 feet
Hours of Operation
  • 24 hours daily
  • The Calgary Airport Authority on-site administrative office is open Monday to Friday from 0800-1630
  • NAV CANADA Air Traffic Control Tower available 0700-2300 daily

Pilots operating in the vincintiy of the Springbank Airport are expected to follow good airmanship at all times in order to respect Springbank's neighbouring residential communities.

  • ATIS 127.9
  • Tower 118.2 (outer)
  • Tower 120.7 (inner)
  • MF 118.2
  • Ground 121.8
  • ATIS 127.9
  • Unicom 123.45


  • Springbank Aero (FBO): Avgas 100LL and Jet A-1
  • Calgary Flying Club: Avgas 100LL

Canada Border Services Agency (Customs)

  • 1-888-CANPASS (226-7277)

Airport Map:

The latest version of the Aerodrome Chart for YBW can be found on the NAV CANADA website