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Profile: YBW's first air traffic controller

July 25, 2019   |  

  Mike has seen a lot of changes in the world over the past 50 years, but none moreso than in the world of aviation. Back in 1967 he trained as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in Ottawa - a difficult program which saw a high dropout rate. After obtaining his license, he headed to Edmonton briefly before becoming the first contr...

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Wings Over Springbank 2021 Airshow - Cancelled

July 12, 2019   |  

The Wings Over Springbank Airshow organizers have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event in support the latest provincial COVID-19 restrictions. The event, slated for July 24 to 25, would have featured the Canadian Forces’ Snowbirds. Our YBW tenants at YBW who have voluntered and participated in past airsho...

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Harmony Discovery Centre - Lunch & Learn presentation

November 30, 2016   |  

The Calgary Airport Authority provided a presentation at Harmony Discovery Centre about Springbank Airport on Friday November 25th 2016. View the Harmony Discovery Centre Lunch and Learn presentation.    

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Presentation materials: Get to Know YBW event: Sept. 16

October 26, 2015   |  

On Wednesday, September 16, 2015, The Springbank Airport hosted a “Get to Know YBW” event. The event provided the opportunity for discussion on a variety of areas related to the airport including: general overview, history of YBW and plans for future development at YBW. View the fact sheet.

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Operational Change at YBW: Nighttime Jet Aircraft Departures Now Permitted

July 07, 2015   |  

Effective July 13, 2015, nighttime departures by jet aircraft will be permitted at Springbank Airport (YBW). Local area residents wishing to provide feedback on operations at YBW may do so by submitting comments online at concerns or by calling 403-286-7703.

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Helicopter Operation Restrictions

June 24, 2015   |  

Effective July 11, 2012, Helicopter arrivals/departures and hover training will no longer be authorized on uncontrolled taxiways D (south of C), E, F and G. These changes are published in the CFS.

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Changes to Jet Restrictions

June 24, 2015   |  

Proposed changes to the Jet Restrictions at YBW were discussed on May 18, 2011 at the annual Springbank Airport Community Noise Consultative Committee Meeting.    SACNCC Meeting Notes May 2011   SACNCC Meeting Presentation May 2011   After a successful six month trial period, Jet aircraft ar...

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Current Construction

December 31, 2014   |  

Currently all projects have been completed for 2014.