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Notice to airport tenants and stakeholders: YBW Runway 08-26 restoration

April 25, 2024   |  

The purpose of this communication is to provide information on the extensive capital restoration program for Springbank Airport’s Runway 08-26 slated for this year, that will require multiple runway closures over a period of eight weeks beginning in mid to late May. The proactive restoration work we are undertaking will ensure that YBW continues meeting the needs of our community in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner.

The scope of work is as follows:

  1. There will be a complete upgrade to LED runway lighting including EDGE LIGHTS, PAPI’s, WINDSOCKS, and all associated cabling and inground transformers.  As this portion of the work will take the longest time, and to mitigate interruptions to operations, the required runway closures will take place from 1600-0700 until the project is complete.
  2. The north edge (7.5 meters) of the full length of Runway 08-26 into the intersection with Runway 17-35 has deteriorated and will be milled and paved. This civil work will take approximately 3 days to complete, 20 hours of which will require an airport closure for the intersection paving work.
  3. The runway grass strip will be landscaped to address areas that are low and sloping back to the runway.
  4. In addition to the closures noted above for civil and electrical work, there will be an additional six intersection airport closures required to complete electrical, survey, locates, line painting and landscaping work.

As we realize this restoration work will have impacts, we have elected to do as much of the work in the late afternoon and overnight periods to mitigate interruptions to flight operations as much as possible. 

It will be extremely important to check NOTAMs, which will be issued 48 hours in advance of any closures to ensure that you are able to accurately plan your flight operations.  In addition to NOTAMS we will also send regular Operational Advisories to advise of specific dates and impacts in advance of NOTAMS.

We apologize in advance for the impact that this work will create and thank you for your patience as we work proactively to maintain an operationally safe airport, which is well positioned to continue carrying out its mandate.

Please reach out to Larry Stock, General Manager, Springbank Airport, or Stacy Demers, Supervisor, Springbank, if you have any questions or concerns.