Improvements and expansions at YBW since 1997 have ensured the airport is delivering on its mandate to advance economic and community development, as the operating surfaces and land development at the airport have grown to meet demand. 

That demand is expected to continue into the future. Springbank Airport facilities will be expanded when required to meet the anticipated future growth in aircraft traffic at the airport, primarily through the addition of a new runway and related taxiways.

A Parallel Runway in the Future

Springbank Airport currently has two runways: Runway 17/35 is a 5000-foot runway oriented north/south, while runway 08/26, 3423 feet in length, runs east/west. Taxiways allow aircraft to maneouvre to and from the runways, aprons and hangers at the Airport. The illustration below shows the current layout of the Airfield System at YBW.

Current Layout of Airfield System at YBW 

The Springbank Airport Zoning Regulations, in place since 1976, provide for the development of a parallel runway to the west of the existing Runway 17/35, and plans for the eventual construction and operation of this parallel runway are incorporated into The Springbank Airport Master Plan. 

Exact timing for development of the parallel runway and related infrastructure will be determined based on assessment of a variety of factors, primarily growth in aircraft movements as it relates to airfield capacity at Springbank Airport.

The illustration below shows the layout of the airport with the incorporation of the proposed parallel north/south runway to the west of the existing runway 17/35. The existing Airfield System is shaded in black. The future parallel runway is shown in blue. Future taxiways are shown in light blue. 

This proposed parallel runway would be 4,000ft long x 75ft wide and would be located 304.8m (1000ft) west of the existing Runway 17/35. This illustration also details potential additional land development at YBW.

Proposed Parallel 17/35 Runway, Associated Infrastructure and Land Development