At YBW Springbank Airport, everyone is constantly looking out for each other to ensure that we're offering the best that Calgary and Alberta has to offer.

On top of our business and flight training community, Springbank Airport is a critical hub for community support, from Forestry Protection to K9 training. 

YBW is a base of operations for STARS, as well as Calgary Police Service HAWCS. Our airport has supported K9 helicopter familiarization training to the relief efforts for the 2013 Alberta floods. 

During the forest fire season, Springbank Airport is home to air tankers and water bombers that help to protect our beautiful region. 

Facilities in place at Springbank Airport support both daytime and night-time operations by piston-engine and jet aircraft, operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Commercial and charter aircraft, both piston-engined and jet powered, as well as helicopters, operate at the airport on a regular basis. YBW is also home to a number of private aircraft owners and is a favourite destination for pilots from other airports travelling to, and through, our region.

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