Noise Management

Springbank Airport (YBW) is Alberta’s second-busiest airport in terms of aircraft movements, and the 6th-busiest aerodrome in Canada overall, and operates 24-hours a day.

The Calgary Airport Authority, as manager and operator of Springbank Airport, is actively engaged in discussions regarding noise with the communities surrounding YBW. This engagement occurs through our ongoing involvement in the Springbank Airport Community Noise Consultative Committee (SACNCC).

We also encourage any noise related questions or concerns be brought forward via the Noise Concern Hot Line. This allows us to address any immediate concerns and help improve our airport noise management strategies.

The Springbank Airport Noise Management brochure outlines the actions we are taking to balance input from residents in the area surrounding the airport, with our need to operate Springbank airport safely and effectively. This includes providing guidance to pilots operating out of the airport to pay attention to the noise-sensitive areas around YBW.


Springbank Airport Community Noise Study
The Calgary Airport Authority conducted a community noise study in 2018, to establish a baseline for current noise levels around Springbank Airport: